Niewczas Strawberry Plant Nursery

High quality strawberry plants in a wide choice

Qualified, healthy strong plants with passports of Fresh and Frigo varieties, sorted. Above 15 varieties, from early-breeding to everbearing fruiting ones. Good for traditional and controlled-environment cultivation. Highlighted by their taste.

The source of attractive, tasty and healthy strawberry fruits.

Offer - fruiting strawberries on tabletop


Clients opinion

dr hab. Grzegorz Mikiciuk, prof. ZUT

ZUT in Szczecin, Department of Agriculture and Environment

As always, the seedlings are of very good quality. Due to this high quality and reliability of the company, I have been using strawberry plants from the Niewczas nursery in my research for many years...


A large ecological farm producing strawberry fruits.

I have been cooperating with the nursery for 3 years. During this time strawberry plants always reached my farm in a short time from the order. Plants were also very carefully prepared for transport...


On the ground of many years of cooperation with your nursery, let me issue a personal opinion and products review, in this case – strawberries.
High-quality plants, always healthy, in excellent...

Jozef, Slovakia

Great cooperation during the ordering and delivery plants. Plants were fresh even they travelled around 500kms. Could only recommend service and really fast replies by employee Agata.


40 years of experience

in strawberries cultivation

The quality of our strawberry plants

Qualified plants with passports; free from diseases and pests; strong, well rooted; pure varieties; Fresh and Frigo sorted; Several dozens excellent varieties.

A bunch of Fressh strawberry plants, freshly dug
Kwalifikowane sadzonki z paszportami

Qualified plants
with passports

Rygorystycznie uprawiane i chronione

Free from diseases
and pests

Silne, dobrze ukorzenione

Strong, very
well rooted

Czyste odmianowo


Zielone i Frigo sortowane

Frigo, Fresh,
and Potted

W kilkunastu bardzo dobrych odmianach

Several dozens
excellent varieties

family-driven strawberry plants nursery - Europe map

We are European, family-driven strawberry plants nursery

We have more than 40 years of experience in strawberries cultivation. We produce plants, which are the source of attractive, tasty and healthy strawberry fruits. Our plants are sold to leading producers and amateur cultivators of strawberries throughout Europe and many other countries around the world.

Safe, fast, affordable delivery to every place or on-site reception

Delivery or on-site reception - package with the Niewczas Strawberry Plant Nursery logo
Dostawa do każdego miejsca w Polsce i na świecie

Delivery to every
place in the Europe
and in the world

Sadzonki bardzo dobrze przygotowane do transportu

Strawberry plants are
very well prepared
for transport 

Zawsze bezpieczny ​​​​​​​transport

Always safe

Dostawa najczęściej ​​​​​​​w 24h od nadania

Delivery within
a few days

Niskie koszty ​​​​​​​dostawy

Low delivery

Możliwy odbiór ​​​​​​​na miejscu

Possible reception