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Over 40 years of experience

We are a family-driven company. We cultivate strawberries our entire professional life. We continue our parent's tradition, who for many years have owned strawberry fields. Currently, our children - the third generation as well as the future of our Nursery - are involved in running our business.

Specialization in strawberry cultivation

We are specialized in the production of strawberry plants. We are convinced that becoming a professional in something requires the constant deepening of knowledge, experience and narrow focus on one topic only. Of course, on our farm, we grow other plants (cereals, legumes and others) as well. However, it constitutes a supplementary crop, subordinated entirely to the production of certified strawberry plants.

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European company, local community

Our company, as well as all our fields, are located in the middle of Europe in Poland, more precisely - in the town of Wielowicz and its surrounding area. We are strongly connected with our “small homeland”. Our business is based on the employment of locals. All strawberry plants we sell are produced exclusively by us, which positively affects the functioning of our region.

A leading strawberry plants producer

We make every effort to deliver the best strawberry plants, which you can conveniently order, pick up and, above all, receive very good yields from. To achieve that, we use our experience, professional production techniques, employee involvement and cooperation with partners around the world. Thanks to many years of hard work, we managed to gradually build a nursery, which grows and sells plants of the highest quality for both producers and amateurs of their own strawberries fields in Europe and the world. We are proud of our heritage. We are convinced that our strawberry plants will meet your expectations as well.

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Satisfied clients around the world
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Qualified varieties
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Years of experience in strawberry production