Dostawa do każdego miejsca w Polsce i na świecie - ikona

Delivery to any place in Europe and worldwide or pickup at the nursery

We supply plants to every place in the European Union and most places in the world. Should you be in any doubts, feel free to contact us to make sure we are transporting plants to your location. 

Of course, we also allow the plants collection in our Nursery in Wielowicz, Poland. All you have to do is make an appointment at least a few days in advance.

Road in the countryside
Box of strawberry plants with the Niewczas Nursery labet radey for transport.
Sadzonki bardzo dobrze przygotowane do transportu - ikona

Plants very well prepared for transport

Plants are grouped in bunches of 25 pieces each. As a standard, we pack them in strong bags and cartons of appropriate thickness. The size of the box is adjusted to the number of plants. It protects and preserves the plants very well during transportation.

The size, weight of the carton and the number of plants fitting into the box or palette depends on the delivery method, number, type, size and variety of the plants. To get the necessary information, feel free to contact us.

Bezpieczny transport - ikona

Safe transport

We deliver plants by courier or a dedicated transport company cooperating with us. We offer plants packed in cartons as well as on a pallet. Thanks to the very good condition of the plants and the right packaging, can usually be transported even for several days.

Plants will be delivered to you in good condition and will thrive properly when planted. In the case of Frigo type plants, please remember that they are delivered mostly partially defrosted and thus have their specific odour, that is their normal and correct condition. 

Delivery truck with strawberry plants on the road
A truck transports strawberry plants to a client
Realizacja najczęściej w 24h od nadania - ikona

Fast delivery in suitable time

We usually deliver all around Europe within 2-3 days from handover them to a transport company. The transport time to more distant countries is determined individually.  If the plants are transported in a short time (up to 3-4 days), thanks to their appropriate packaging, and their good condition, there is no need to transport them in refrigerators. In other situations, it is possible to transport in controlled temperature, in which plants can be safely kept for a very long time.

Preparation of freshly dug Fresh plants usually takes 1-3 days, because we prepare them directly before delivery (or pick-up date). Preparation of Frigo plants usually takes one day, because when the winter approaches, we already store them ready in cold stores.

Niskie koszty dostawy - ikona

Low costs of delivery

e Due to many years of cooperation with transport companies and the delivery of a huge amount of plants on a big scale every year, we can offer favourable prices for their delivery.

For medium and small orders, the courier delivery is usually the best option to choose. Dedicated transport is the best solution for larger orders. To find out the transport costs, feel free to contact us.

The courier is passing packages with strawberry plants
Strawberry plants in cold storage
Możliwy odbiór na miejscu - ikona

Ordering and delivery time

Plants can be ordered throughout the year, each date for placing an order is good and guarantees its implementation on our part. We recommend placing orders in advance, especially when ordering medium and bigger plants packs, to ensure the necessary amount have not already been ordered by another customer.

We deliver the plants as soon as weather conditions allow for digging and planting strawberries. In spring, this usually is from March 15 to the end of July. In the autumn usually from September 15 to first frosts appearance. The exact time depends on the situation in a given year, we always inform our clients about it in advance. Frigo plants can exceptionally be delivered also in winter, after their preparation.