Varieties with an early fruiting time (very early and early):

Varieties fruiting at the beginning of the season, from the end of May or the beginning of June*. Fruits may appear very early, before other varieties.

Our nursery includes one of the best early varieties available, chosen by us in terms of attractiveness, firmness and very good fruit taste. At the same time, they are suitable for growing in our national conditions. One of the earliest and best varieties of strawberries on the market is Vibrant. It allows to obtain very delicious fruits already in the second half of May*; even 50% can be collected 3-4 days before other varieties, e.g. Clery. For comparative purposes, Honeoye – over the years leader among very early varieties - is fruiting 2-3 days later. Other early varieties bear fruits at the beginning of June*: delicious dessert-type Kent and the sensational Polish Grandarosa

Another method that allows obtaining very early fruits is their production from A, A +, A ++ Frigo plants. Seedlings produce first fruits in 6-8 weeks after planting (e.g. if planted in mid-March, should be fruiting at the beginning - or at the latest in the middle - of May). Thanks to this, they allow to obtain fruits from any variety even in the first year, even before the earliest varieties. More information about Frigo strawberry plants can be found here.

In the case of very early and early planted Frigo varieties, it is vital to remember protecting its flowers against spring frosts. They are exposed to them due to early flowering time (yet fruits themselves are not exposed to frost).

*The fruiting time involves traditional cultivation in Poland (Central Europe, moist continental climate) with standard weather conditions. The exact time of strawberries fruiting depends on the local climate, weather conditions in a given season as well as cultivation methods.