Mid late
Variety additional features
Crown diameter 7-25 mm and more (mainly 10-20 mm)
Variety purpose
Dessert type
For processing
B (crown diameter 7-10 mm)
A (crown diameter 10-15 mm)
A+ (crown diameter 15 - 20 mm)
A++ (crown diameter above 20 mm)

Fruiting time of Polka
Licensed Variety
Variety description

One of the tastiest varieties of strawberries. Extremely sweet fruits with a full, juicy red pulp. Perfect for processing and sales when fresh. Highly fertile and resistant to diseases.

Fruiting time: Medium-late variety, usually fruits from mid-June to the beginning of July.

Size and shape of fruits: Big and medium. Spherical, heart-shaped or broad-conical shape. Uniformly red to dark red skin with a slight gloss. The stem can be very easily separated from the fruit.

Taste and firmness: Polka pulp is full, intensely red, juicy, aromatic and sweet with the scent of wild strawberries. Medium-firm fruits. 

Productivity: Very high if the right amount of water is provided during fruiting. It is worth to consider less often planting to get bigger fruits.

Plant type: Moderately strong growth, slightly wide.

Resistance: Resistant to frost (cultivated in cold winter climates), leaf scorch disease (diplocarpon earlianum) as well as powdery mildew (sphaerotheca macularis). Moreover, relatively resistant to common leaf spot (mycosphaerella fragariae) as well as gray mold (botrytis cinerea).

Purpose: One of the best varieties for processing, very good for sale to the retail market (provided it is not transported over long distances or stored for a longer period of time).

Cultivation type: For both professional and amateur cultivation. Recommended for cultivation on ecological farms.

*The fruiting time involves traditional cultivation in Poland (Central Europe, moist continental climate) with standard weather conditions. The exact time of strawberries fruiting depends on the local environment, weather conditions in a given season as well as cultivation methods.

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