San Andreas

Everbearing, all-season
Variety additional features
New in offer
Hanging, climbing
Crown diameter 7-25 mm and more (mainly 10-20 mm)
Variety purpose
Dessert type
For processing
B (crown diameter 7-10 mm)
A (crown diameter 10-15 mm)
A+ (crown diameter 15 - 20 mm)
A++ (crown diameter above 20 mm)

Fruiting time of San Andreas
Licensed Variety
Variety description

Excellent everbearing variety. Extra-large and large fruits, extremely firm and shaped, and at the same time very tasty. Suitable for growing in the ground and under covers, one of the best varieties for controlled-environment cultivation. It can also hang or climb if properly cultivated.  

Fruiting time: Everbearing, repeats fruiting. Allows harvesting fruits for up to 5 months, maintaining a high level of yield throughout the entire period. Usually fruits from the beginning of June until late autumn (frosts), with a short about a 2-week break at the turn of July and August. If at the beginning of flowering we cut off its flowers and runners, it will fruit later, but without any break until the end of autumn.

Size and shape of fruits: large and very attractive strawberries, with no tendency to shrink. Symmetrically conical, oblong. The fruit skin is intensely red outside, with an intense gloss, not much brighter than Albion. Up to 99% of fruits cultivated categorized as class I.

Taste and firmness: fruits of great smell and taste. Very firm and juicy pulp, thanks to which strawberries are extremely durable, they tolerate transport and storage very well.

Productivity: Very high yield.

Plant type: strong growth, wide, clearly visible fruits. Produces few roots while fruiting. At the beginning of the growing season, it grows faster than Albion, later the size of the bushes is similar. 

Resistance: San Andreas is highly resistant to spider mites (Panonychus ulmi) and viruses. Resistant to gray mold (botrytis cinerea) as well as common leaf spot (mycosphaerella fragariae), leaf scorch disease (diplocarpon earlianum), soil diseases (Colletotrichum, Verticillium) and powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis). Must be protected against low temperatures.

Purpose: Very good as a dessert variety and moderately suitable for processing purposes. 
Cultivation type: suitable for both cultivating in the soil as well as under covers. Considered one of the best varieties for controlled-environment cultivation. Adapts very well to being cultivated in different seasons and at different latitudes.

*The fruiting time involves traditional cultivation in Poland (Central Europe, moist continental climate) with standard weather conditions. The exact time of strawberries fruiting depends on the local environment, weather conditions in a given season as well as cultivation methods.

*The strawberry variety San Andreas is protected by the EU Plant Variety Rights. Without a license granted by EUROSEMILLAS S.A. the propagation, sale and distribution is strictly forbidden. Infringement of this law will result in liability of damages against the offender towards the Breeder of the variety. The plants can be used only for the production of fruit.

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