Senga Sengana

Mid late
Variety additional features
Crown diameter 7-25 mm and more (mainly 10-20 mm)
Variety purpose
For processing
B (crown diameter 7-10 mm)
A (crown diameter 10-15 mm)
A+ (crown diameter 15 - 20 mm)
A++ (crown diameter above 20 mm)

Fruiting time of Senga Sengana
Licensed Variety
Variety description

A variety with aromatic fruits and juicy, red pulp. For years, one of the best varieties for processing (frozen and preserves). Great for consumption when fresh. Yields richly. 

Fruiting time: Medium-late variety, usually fruits from mid-June to the beginning of July, 2-3 days after Polka.

Size and shape of fruits: Large (shrink over time) fruits, dark red skin with gloss. Regularly conical, narrowing at the stem. The stem can be very easily separated from the fruit.

Taste and firmness: Dark red pulp, medium firm, juicy, very aromatic and delicious. Not able to tolerate long storage and transportation time.

Productivity: High yield.

Plant type: Senga Sengana has moderately strong growth, slightly wide.

Resistance: Very resistant to root system diseases, to strawberry crimp nematodes (aphelenchoides fragariae) as well as resistant to frost and drought. Have to be protected against common leaf spot (mycosphaerella fragariae), gray mold (botrytis cinerea) and the cyclamen mite (phytonemus pallidus).

Purpose: A variety for processing, excellent for preserves and when frozen.

Cultivation type: Basic variety for processing. Excellent in both commercial and amateur cultivation.

*The fruiting time involves traditional cultivation in Poland (Central Europe, moist continental climate) with standard weather conditions. The exact time of strawberries fruiting depends on the local environment, weather conditions in a given season as well as cultivation methods.

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