Frigo strawberry plants characteristic:

Plants dug in winter and kept in hibernation under appropriate refrigeration conditions. Available in late winter, spring, until summer.

Frigo plants, normally are all accepted in their new location. They are fruiting in 7-8 weeks after being planted. For this reason, it can be harvested in a strictly specific date. They also are guaranteed to have 100% of the optimal yield in the following years.

They are sorted on classes, according to the plant crown diameter. It is a very important factor that translates into yield in the year of planting. In our nursery, the seedlings are divided into the following classes, according to the diameter of their crowns:

  • A- Class - 7-10 mm crown diameter
  • A Class - 10-15 mm crown diameter
  • A+ Class - 15-20 mm crown diameter
  • A++ Class - above 20 mm crown diameter
  • Multicrown - two or more crowns
Dwa pęczki sadzonek Frigo


After collecting, strawberries should be planted within 1-2 days. If this is not possible, the plants can be stored for a few days, provided they are protected against drying and overheating. If they have to be stored up to 7 days, it is best to keep them at the temperature of 2-3 to 5 degrees. Until planting, the temperature, wetness and general condition of the seedlings should be controlled. Soil for strawberry planting should be moist (wet) and properly prepared (more about soil preparation can be found here - text in Polish).


All our strawberry varieties, if not previously ordered, are available as Frigo: