dr hab. Grzegorz Mikiciuk, prof. ZUT

As always, the seedlings are of very good quality. Due to this high quality and reliability of the company, I have been using strawberry plants from the Niewczas nursery in my research for many years.

ZUT in Szczecin, Department of Agriculture and Environment


I have been cooperating with the nursery for 3 years. During this time strawberry plants always reached my farm in a short time from the order. Plants were also very carefully prepared for transport, moreover very high healthiness of the planting material offered deserves attention. I have never noticed any symptoms of root and leaves diseases. In the end, I will add that owners produce plants on a large area, what is one of the conditions for having such high health plants as Niewczas have. I definitely RECOMMEND !!!

A large ecological farm producing strawberry fruits.


On the ground of many years of cooperation with your nursery, let me issue a personal opinion and products review, in this case – strawberries.
High-quality plants, always healthy, in excellent condition on delivery, perfect thrive after planting. This applies to both Fresh plants as well as Frigo type.

Owners are friendly and have broad knowledge, always willing to provide help and professional advice, answer every problem, which for me is very important.

I would like to thank you for your cooperation so far, and I am in awe of your professional approach.

Jozef, Slovakia

Great cooperation during the ordering and delivery plants. Plants were fresh even they travelled around 500kms. Could only recommend service and really fast replies by employee Agata.


This is one of the most qualified companies. The quality of the plants is very good. Also, I'm very content of quick problems solving. Personally, I recommend this company.