A bunch of Fresh strawberry plants

Our strawberries plants are:

- Healthy - free from diseases and pests, which is the basic of the good material coming from the nursery,

- Pure variety - they retain features adequate to the variety being sold, 

- Certified - pass the inspection process carried out by PIORIN (the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection), which is confirmed by documents attached to plants,

- Very well rooted - have a well-developed root system and crown, which translates into fruits yield,

- Ready to plant - thanks to appropriate measures after being dug, the plants do not require any additional treatments before planting,

- Tasty - due to the selection and cultivation of varieties, strawberry fruits are not only attractive, but what is particularly important - tasty and aromatic,

- Suitable for traditional and controlled-environment cultivation - You will find on our offer very good varieties for every type of cultivation,

- Suitable for ecological agriculture - thanks to the production of varieties that are attractive and at the same time resistant to diseases and pests, such as: Elkat, Markat, Honeoye, Vibrant, Polka and Pegasus,

- Suitable for growing in various climatic and soil conditions - because they are successfully grown by our customers in countries around the world, and if they have specific requirements, we always inform about this in the description of the variety,

Both traditional and new - the best varieties tested for years, and - at the same time - new varieties with the great potential, selected after trial cultivation and consultations,

- Frigo and Fresh - each variety is available both as fresh dug plants and Frigo, sorted.

Classes of Frigo strawberry plants
Mother plantation of strawberry in Niewczas Nursery

We achieve this thanks to the professional production:

- We only sell plants of our own crop - all the plants we sell are reproduced by us on our nursery, we never sell plants that do not belong to us,

- We apply rigorous crop rotation - we always change the position on which we cultivate strawberries, maintaining a minimum of 5 years break, thanks to the area many times exceeding the size of our mother plantations,

- In crop rotation, we use phytosanitary plants and deep cultivation - we do not carry out chemical soil decontamination. Thanks to this, we retain natural biological life in it and, at the same time, we effectively protect plants from the threats of soilborne pathogens, pests and weeds,

- We conduct negative selection - it is during cultivation we remove weak plants, leaving only strong seedlings,

- We apply restrictive protection - careful treatments to protect plants from diseases and pests, based only on methods and means that are accepted and safe to use,

Properly fertilise mother plantations - we feed them with the necessary minerals, based on the analysis of nutrient content of the soil, its pH and salinity, so that they are properly developed,

- We prepare plants - with the appropriate means after digging them and before handing them over to the client, thanks to which they are ready to be planted,

- We pass the qualification process positively - our mother plantations are regularly inspected (including through laboratory tests) by PIORIN (the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection) in terms of proper management and health of nurseries,

- We work with the best producers of varieties - thus, we can reproduce the best varieties and offer them to our customers,

- All the plants we cultivate and sell legally - we have an official permit for operating the nursery and licenses for the varieties cultivation.

Mother plantation of strawberries